A Structured Literacy Program

Learning to read is a skill that requires specific instruction. Reading can be a frustrating experience for some children.  Thirty-five years of research has identified that a structured literacy approach (sometimes called Orton Gillingham) is the most effective way to teach reading to all children, with or without reading difficulties. Structured literacy explicitly teaches reading and spelling skills using simple techniques in a sequential, cumulative, and multisensory approach that is more memorable for children.

Lexercise is an effective structured literacy program that provides online instruction paired with deliberate and daily practice for guaranteed results. The professional therapy option offers one-on-one teletherapy with a qualified literacy specialist who tailors instruction and daily practice to meet the individual literacy needs of each client. One of the greatest benefits of this program is the online daily practice, which improves consistency in between sessions and helps cement new skills.  Students enjoy the games and parents appreciate the reduced frustration and helpful guidance in practice.